Living with the Hazards of Meth

Many individuals live in a home with another family member that uses methamphetamine. Much like smoking, there are very dangerous second hand health hazards; however, with Meth, the contaminates infiltrate the surfaces of the dwelling and can continue to create a hazardous environment far after the use of Meth in the home has ceased. We know that for some of you living with a family member that uses meth, reporting the problem is not an option you will exercise.

We want to urge you to protect yourself against the hazards of meth when living in a home where a family member is currently using. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency published the “Voluntary Guidelines for Methamphetamine Laboratory Cleanup”. This guideline provides an outline of cleanup procedures that might provide some protection to those of you currently living in a home with ongoing meth use.

Contaminants left behind by meth pose significant health hazards and it is important to know the only way to ensure your home is free of contaminates is to remove all meth use, distribution, and labs; have the home decontaminated by a state certified CDL cleanup company; and have the home tested by a state certified lab to ensure all contaminates are removed. We do hope; however, that these voluntary cleanup procedures give some comfort to those of you currently “Living with the Hazards of Meth”, and encourage you to seek help to find a permanent solution.

EPA Guidelines on cleanup can be found at:

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