Clandestine Drug Lab

Remediation Services

We are Certified by the Washington State Health Department to provide remediation services for properties contaminated from drug use, distribution, and labs.

AAA SuperClean’s staff is fully trained and certified according to Washington State state standards.


AAA SuperClean works directly with the Washington State Department of Health and Area Tribes.

Washington State General Contractor Registration number: AAASUSI915BN
Washington State CDL Decontamination Contractor number: 55

Basic Steps in the Remediation Process

Step One: The property is suspected of possible drug contamination
Step Two: Pretesting is performed to determine areas and levels of contamination
Step Three:Testing results determine the type and extent of remediation services required
Step Four: Remediation services are completed
Step Five: Post Testing is performed to certify the property is fit for occupancy


Breathe Easy

Breath easy knowing your property is environmentally clean and safe for occupancy without cleaning out your pocket book.

Did You Know?

Drug labs are not the only contamination concern. Drug use and distribution in a dwelling can leave behind contamination levels high enough to pose a health hazard.

Health hazards related to meth exposure include headaches, dizziness, nausea, skin & eye irritation, and respiratory problems. Although long-term affects are still unknown, research shows possible long-term affects to include brain, liver, & kidney damage, cancer, birth defects, and reproductive problems.

Washington state Standard for safe Methamphetamine levels is less than or equal to 0.1 micrograms per 100 square centimeters.

A three-tiered cleaning process and minor resurfacing is often sufficient to address lower levels of contamination related to drug use and distribution.Higher levels of meth contamination may require demolition and remodel.

Encapsulation should never be used in place of proper remediation as it only temporarily traps toxins. Encapsulation should only be used after proper remediation to seal the freshly decontaminated dwelling.

Remediation Services Include…

Sampling and Testing
Using state certified testers and labs.

3-Tiered Cleaning
Following State guidelines and EPA recommendations.

Demolition, Removal, & Disposal
Demolition of highly contaminated structures and material
Removal and disposal of rubbish, furniture, and appliances.

Remodel, Repair, & Replace
Structures and material removed in the demolition process.

Encapsulation (after property is fit for occupancy)
Seals freshly decontaminated surfaces.


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