Living with the Hazards of Meth

Many individuals live in a home with another family member that uses methamphetamine. Much like smoking, there are very dangerous second hand health hazards; however, with Meth, the contaminates infiltrate the surfaces of the dwelling and can continue to create a hazardous environment far after the use of Meth in the home has ceased. We know that for some of you living with a family member that uses meth, reporting the problem is not an option you will exercise.

We want to urge you to protect yourself against the hazards of meth when living in a home where a family member is currently using. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency published the “Voluntary Guidelines for Methamphetamine Laboratory Cleanup”. This guideline provides an outline of cleanup procedures that might provide some protection to those of you currently living in a home with ongoing meth use.

Contaminants left behind by meth pose significant health hazards and it is important to know the only way to ensure your home is free of contaminates is to remove all meth use, distribution, and labs; have the home decontaminated by a state certified CDL cleanup company; and have the home tested by a state certified lab to ensure all contaminates are removed. We do hope; however, that these voluntary cleanup procedures give some comfort to those of you currently “Living with the Hazards of Meth”, and encourage you to seek help to find a permanent solution.

EPA Guidelines on cleanup can be found at:

A Meth Mess

Working in the world of clandestine drub lab cleanup can be a bit frustrating. I clean up homes that are contaminated by methamphetamine (meth) users and I see a lot of lives and memories being destroyed.

When you walk into these meth contaminated homes, often times the first thing I notice is that someone’s family once lived here: family pictures liter the rooms, old notebooks and letters are discarded, and personal items of all types are found in the nooks and crannies of the structure. I have seen books of family recipes that appeared to be handed down from generation to generation, photo albums detailing whole lives from the ultra sound to marriage pictures, custom made nick-knacks and pieces of art, and of course the little pieces of art made by children for their parents. I have also seen legal documents of all kinds. All of these items end up in the land fill.

What most people do not realize is that much of this stuff can be decontaminated. It is not easy and it is time consuming and tedious, but it can be done. If you believe you are in a meth contaminated home or your belongings are contaminated, you should contact a licensed CDL cleanup company to do an assessment on your home and belongings.

You can find a contractor at:

EPA Guidelines on cleanup can be found at:

Affects of Meth

Tulalip Casino: 2012 Summer Concert Series

Tomorrow, July 7th starts the beginning of the Tulalip Casino Summer Concert Series. Our staff is geared up and ready for another great year providing custodial support before, during, and after the concerts.

Tulalip Casino: 2011 Summer Concert Series

Getting Ready for the 2011 Summer Concerts

I am excited for the upcoming year at the Tulalip Resort Casino’s Amphitheater. With 10 concerts scheduled this year, I have a lot of planning, scheduling, and hiring ahead of me; however, this is an easy task working with Red-Sky. They are very thorough and pay attention to detail, making my job much easier. This will be my fourth year working with them, and I look forward to another great year.

Preparing For Health Inspection

The 5 Things To Do To Prepare For A Health Inspection

1. Perform a safety walk through to ensure previous issues have been resolved, and to check for new issues.
2. Ensure the surfaces throughout the kitchen are clean and healthy.
3. Inspect the food and chemical storage areas to ensure proper storage and cleanliness.
4. Review your hazardous chemical program to ensure it is current and accurate.
5. Call AAA SuperClean – Inspections usually come as a surprise giving little if any advance noticed to prepare.  We have passed every inspection on all the kitchens we service, and can guarantee that you will pass yours.

We carry a variety of certifications that allow us full access to kitchen areas.


The New AAA Super Clean Website

Welcome to the new AAA Super Clean Website. We welcome your interest in our services and products of Tulalip Paper.

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